The Walhalla Temple in Donaustauf in Bavaria, Germany

If you probably heard or seen the famous Parthenon in Greece, Germany is also proud of its one of a kind Parthenon replica called the Walhalla Temple. It is visible from afar and wide because the temple like building of Walhalla was built on the wooded slopes of the hundred meter high brewery hills in Donaustauf, a town near Regensburg in the state of Bavaria, Germany. When you take a look at it on the side, the building seems to lean against the long ridge of the hill and looks down over the Danube Plain.

According to the small book I read about Walhalla, the history of the building or rather its coming into being, dates back to the time of deep humiliation in Germany. Here is the photo of the building where we usually enter after walking some hundred meters from the car park place. I will be sharing more photos of the building in a few days.

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  1. Andy Says:

    That’s an impressive building!
    By the way, it was built in 1832 by king Louis I. (King of Bavaria) The term Walhalla comes from German mythology. It describes a majestic hall where the fallen soldiers go upon their dead on the battle field.

    I think the Walhalla in Bavaria commemorates to great German scientists like Albrecht Dürer.

  2. Euronics Says:

    hi Andy..thanks for the info…ur right..will post more about this great architecture..

  3. SHIMI Says:

    blog walking
    nice to be here

  4. Josh of Arabia Says:

    hi girl..:D kmsta ka naman.

    a friend from rudersberg has sent me a related one..meaning germany’s blessed wd so many great work of archi’..

    puede po larger size of photo nxt time, di nako nagsasalamin eh 😀


  5. Euronics Says:

    Hi Shimi…happy to see yah around..

    ey Bro…aj…click those photos here to make them bigger….yeyeye!!


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