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Go Travel and See Kelheim in Bavaria, Germany

Kelheim is a municipality in Lower Bavaria and also the capital of the district of Kelheim. It is located along Danube and Altmühl rivers. The photo you see here is one of the city gates in Kelheim. It is famous for its Hall of Freedom architecture built by King Ludwig I, King of Bavaria. We […]

Go Travel and See The Rosenburg Castle in Riedenburg, Germany

Falkenhof Schloss Rosenburg is a castle in the town of Riedenburg located in Lower Bavaria in Germany. The castle was built around 1200 as housing area of the counts and earl of Riedenburg. The castle if known for its falconry or hawking which uses trained raptors or birds of prey to hunt or pursue games […]

Go Travel and See The Cathedral in Eichstaett in Bavaria, Germany

Mr. and Mrs. Authors of this site had the chance to visit the so-called Bishop City of Germany named Eichstätt. It is written in English as Eichstaett. This city is located in the federal of Bavaria, Germany. It is located along Altmühl River. For now, we are just sharing a photo of the Cathedral in […]

Go Travel and See London Eye in England

Let’s go travel this time London Eye in London, England. This ferris wheel is truly amazing! How would you love to ride in this famous attraction of London? I bet you would like to! Don’t miss to experience London Eye once you visit London. Be sure to also search for promo tickets in advance in […]

Go Travel and See The Jura Public Festival Parade in Neumarkt, Germany

It was a very nice weather last Sunday as the different groups and participants of the Jura Public Festival had a parade in Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate in the state of Bavaria, Germany. The Jura Volksfest, also called as Public Festival in English is still going on until now. It started last Friday August 07, […]

Go Traverl and See The Wolfstein Castle Ruins in Neumarkt, Bavaria, Germany

Mr. and Mrs Authors of this site had the chance to visit the Wolfstein Castle Ruins in Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate in Bavaria, Germany last month. This castle is one of the famous landmark of Neumarkt and is visited by tourists and visitors by neighboring towns and cities of this city. It is also […]