Go Travel and See Las Vegas, Nevada

Hey folks! Let’s go travel and see the world again! How I wish I have more time to share often my travel and adventure here but it seems that life is quite busy for me. I am just sharing this post and I will be packing again for a weekend trip somewhere in Germany. How would like to see the world again? This time let’s go to North America and see Las Vegas, Nevada! Before I begin, I would like to ask if anybody out there who is looking for cheap flights to Los Angeles or maybe to Las Vegas? Please raise your hand.

If you are looking for the cheapest airfares in any destinations around the world, I would like to recommend Travel Grove site. I just found this site very helpful ans informative especially for a traveler like me who is always looking for a cheap trip. If you are also planning a trip anywhere around the globe, they can also help you with the travel guides they offer in their site which are written by unbiased travelers around the world. Don’t forget to read about Las Vegas travel guide if you are visiting this “Entertainment and Gaming Capital of the World”. For sure, you will enjoy Las Vegas if you have an idea about this city before visiting it.

I am sharing some images that I personally took from Las Vegas during my 2008 vacation. The first picture is the replica of Arch of Triumph in Paris, France which is located near Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The second one below was taken inside Planet Hollywood Hotel. Finally, don’t forget to visit Travel Grove for your next budget flight and vacation. I’ll see you next week again. I have to start packing now for a weekend trip somewhere in Germany.

these pictures were taken during my 2008 vacation in Las Vegas.


4 Responses to “Go Travel and See Las Vegas, Nevada”

  1. Lion Rampant Says:

    Nowhere else in the world except the US, would you find such a place as Las Vegas, superb. You should consider Scotland as a destination for your travels, you’d love it.

  2. loodec Says:

    Someday maybe I will visit Las vegas to practice my poker skill, nice post. Btw I have follow your blog trough Google friend connect would you follow me back pls.

  3. dutchbaby Says:

    You have a very interesting blog here with many travel tips.

    Believe it or not, even though I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over forty years, I have never been to Las Vegas yet. I always seem to have other places to go to first. One of these days…

  4. A Girl's Guide: Travel Like a Business Man Says:

    Great post. I am from Las Vegas and can help with great places to see that are off of the beaten path. For one, The Peppermill Lounge is very rat pack-y and old school Las Vegas bar. It’s on the strip next to the Riviera Hotel/Casino. Check it out and order the drink called “Scorpion”!!


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