My Fave Hotels for Sigthseeing in Las Vegas

My vacation in the United States is over. I am already backed home since two and a half weeks.  There are a lot of happy and memorable moments I had  especially  the trips to the different  places in the US. I stayed the longest in Las Vegas, the city which is known as “The  Gaming and Entertainment Capital of the  World”. I can’t imagine that I already visited it for the second time.  I  feel so lucky everytime I think of it.


Don’t  you know that I have some favorite hotels where I always go for sightseeing in Las Vegas Strip? Here is the list;


Caesars Palace- Everytime I go there, I always feel like I am in Rome, Italy especially if I visit the replica of the Trevi Fountain.  Sightseeing alone in this hotel is not enough for a day especially if you want to entertain yourself in its playground. I guess you know what I mean about it.  I am not really into gambling but more on sightseeing and window shopping. 


Caesars Palace has around 3,960 rooms. I can’t imagine how elegant and beautiful are the  Furniture in each hotel rooms especially in its suites.  You will never get bored when you are inside because there are just a lot of things to see and experience like shopping, dining, shows and  entertainment or simply go walking around.


The Bellagio- There are a lot of things why I keep on coming back to this luxury hotel. I love  watching the Fountains of Bellagio. I also feel in love with its Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  I feel like I am in paradise especially when I see the plants and flowers inside with some  Indoor Water Features like  fountains. 
 These attractions in Bellagio are  truly worth to see.  I wish to have an overnight in this  hotel in my next visit.

The Mirage-  This hotel has 3,044 rooms and is located in Las Vegas Strip.  I love this place because of its  attraction especially the Atrium. There you can find  numerous palm trees, water features and other rainforest flora. I think something is missing inside, a  Garden Furniture where you can sit and  relax while watching the nature around. Probably in my next visit there..Just kidding folks!

Mirage has a lot of attractions including its  artificial volcano,  Aquarium, Cirque du Soleil and more.

Garden Furniture
Indoor Water Features


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