Trips in France and Switzerland

We just arrived from our weekend trips in Switzerland and France. Among the places we visited were Riquewihr and Strasbourg, both are located in France and Basel in Switzerland.  Those were  such wonderful trips and was so cheap considering that  we stayed in a 5-star Hilton hotel in Basel.

As a traveler, I am always observant everytime I visit a place. I always look around and love to take pictures of anything. Last Sunday, as we were on our way to Strasbourg, this retired German guy who was with us in that bus trip told me something like, “You are taking a lot of pictures, huh?” I answered back, “Because we have nice cameras and taking pictures is only the memories we can bring home for free. Besides, we are beautiful that’s why we love to take pictures of ourselves”. He ended up shutting his mouth.


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  1. Alfredo Soard Says:

    My issue comes with the trickle down…the upper echelon causes a panic and then suddenly I’m paying more money for EVERYTHINGgas, groceries, homegoods, rent, insurance…so forth and so on.


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