My First Travel Booking for 2013

I am quite excited because I finally booked my first trip for this year. I am very optimistic and I believed 2013 will be another year full of trips and travels for me. Do you have any idea what country I will be visiting first?

Since first week of January 2013, I already started to hunt for affordable holiday deals especially in Europe. I am thankful that with our modern technology using computer and internet, we can already browse for many cheap travels offered by various travel agencies and booking companies online. For example if you are from the UK, you can search for money saving all inclusive holidays with UlookUbook. This company have travel agents who will help you find discounted flights and hotels to many destinations worldwide. Whether you are looking for cheap cruises, all include holiday deals or low cost airlines and affordable accommodations, their travel team can surely help you in finding one that fits your travel needs and budget.

I am happy to announce that I finally booked my trip to Ireland this coming March. It is a 7-day trip for only 499.00 Euros. Included in the package are the return flights, 3-star hotel accommodation, breakfast and dinner and the trips to the different places in Ireland. Dublin, Ennis, Ring of Kerry, Cork, Kilkenny and Connemara are among the places included in that 7-day trip. Not only that, we also have tour guides who will be touring us around those areas.

I can’t wait to spend my first travel for 2013.


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