Avoiding Fawlty Towers

Everybody loves a bargain but not necessarily something cheap, especially when it comes to vacations. There have been plenty of horror stories over the years about the dream holiday that has turned out to be a building site. So how do you make sure you avoid the nightmare yet still take advantage of the sizzling holiday deals that are always trying to tempt you?

When you are searching for your holiday it is best to book through a recognised travel agent. There are plenty to choose from but make sure they are insured and that they are members of ABTA, which gives you protection in case things go wrong. If you haven’t heard of the company before you can read reviews by searching for the company online. Personal reviews are often more accurate, and you can also search for reviews on your hotel and resort once you have chosen one – perfect for finding out all of the inside information and tips of where to go.

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Beautiful white sand beach in Boracay, Philippines. © www.webbloggirl.com

Once you are happy with the company, then you can choose from one of the many resorts available and narrow it down to your exact specifications such as hotel rating, board basis and flight time. Most agents have sophisticated search engines that allow you to whittle down your options by various factors, which helps you to find something that’s within your price range and ticks all of the other boxes too. Bargain package holidays can offer some really great holidays without the fancy price tag and as long as you are booking with a good travel agent, you can usually avoid the building sites and Fawlty Towers of this world.

So once you’ve booked, it’s just a matter of counting down the days until you can jet off to sunnier climes for a week or two of summer bliss…


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