Go Travel and See Warwick Castle in England

Have you heard the song Warwick Avenue?   I  finally heard it again after  a long time of not hearing  it.  We went to the karaoke bar last weekend and somebody sang it.  I am not quite sure if Warwick Avenue  got its title from Warwick Castle. Wait a minute! I found out that  it got its name in a tube station in London name Warwick Avenue.

Back to the main title of the post..I went to England last 2008. One of the places my  friend brought me was in Warwick castle.  It is  medieval castle  situated  on the bend of River Avon in the county of Warwickshire. It was developed from an original built by William the Conqueror in 1068.

That was only a day trip but we experienced a lot during our visit. We had a tour inside the castle. I was amazed on how they maintain and preserve  this historic architecture both inside and out.

If you are visiting England, get the  chance  to  visit Warwick Castle. You will surely love it there if you love history.

Warwick Castle during my visit last autumn 2008. © www.webbloggirl.com

Warwick Castle during my visit last autumn 2008.
© www.webbloggirl.com

The castle is protected against unauthorised change as a Scheduled Ancient Monument  in recognition of its status as a “nationally important” archaeological site or historic building,  and is a Grade I listed building  together with its boundary walls, stables, conservatory, mill and lodge.


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