How To Save Money When You Shop While Travelling

When I travel, I usually go shopping. I guess travel and shopping always go together. When we travel, we cannot avoid buying souvenirs especially when we are collecting some kind of souvenirs. It is not only souvenirs we are buying, but also other goods which we like or find interesting.

During my last vacation to the United States last year, my friend asked me if I will go shopping there. I told her, yes of course! She gave me a discount coupon from Kohls. Imagine when you can get up to 25% discount? That is already a big savings!

I also remember during my first visit in the US last 2008.I told myself not to go shopping but I had proven myself wrong. Since my sister had some discount coupons from Old Navy, I indeed up buying a lot of items from this store.  My pocket  got a big hole but I was happy with the stuffs I got from Old Navy. Until now, I am still wearing the pants and shirts I bought  from them.


Shopping in Union Square in San Francisco, California during my vacation last year. You can find a lot of stores there.  I took this image when we were on top of Macsy Building.

How to really save money when you shop while travelling? Let me tell you this!  If you are planning to visit US in the future, you can visit this site and get as many Coupon Chief coupon codes in order for you to save some bucks.  If you want to go shopping in Kohls, Old Navy, Gap, Forever  21, Office depot and  many other shops and establishments  in the US, you can find a lot of  discount coupons at Coupon Chief.

Isn’t it great when you save money when you shop while travelling! I always love it!


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