A Lovely Day in Avila, Spain

I can’t forget the name of this city. In the first place, I have an aunt whose family name is Avila. Second, I had a great time with new friends during our visit in this city. That was truly a memorable and lovely day we had in Avila last March 2012.  I and my friends truly had an enjoyable trip there. It was so far one of the wonderful sidetrips I made  during my three weeks stay in Madrid.

The sky was blue that day  and not so cloudy.  It was still winter in Europe during our visit. Despite the sunny blue sky, the wind was blowing so cold which really made me  a bit frozen. I  ended up buying another sweater in Avila. I did not expected  that it will be  cold that day during our visit  because   Madrid was not really so cold compared to this city.

We had  a walk  around the walled city during our visit. We even climbed its walls and had a wonderful view around.  Avila is famous for its Cathedral and many churches.

The exteriors Walls of Avila during our visit last March 2012. © www.webbloggirl.com

Avila is sometimes called the City of Stones and Saints, and it claims that it is one of the cities with the highest number of Romanesque and Gothic churches (and bars and restaurants) per capita in Spain. It is notable for having complete and prominent medieval city walls, built in the Romanesque style.

Avila is an autonomous community of Castile and León, and is the capital of the Province of Ávila.

Avila is situated 1132 meters (3714 feet) above sea level on a rocky outcrop on the right bank of the Adaja river, a tributary of the Duero, Ávila is the highest provincial capital in Spain. It is built on the flat summit of a rocky hill, which rises abruptly in the midst of a veritable wilderness; a brown, arid, treeless table-land, strewn with immense grey boulders, and shut in by lofty mountains.


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