Finally Visited Vaduz. Liechtenstein

That was quite a long trip from Regensburg, Germany to Vaduz, Liechtenstein. I was with a group of mostly retired during that bus trip to three European countries including Lichtenstein, some places in Italy and Switzerland. Traveling with the bus in a group especially from Germany are cheap if you find the right travel company to book it.
The Rathaus or City Hall of Vaduz, Liechtenstein during our visit last Thursday Mar. 7, 2013.

I have to wake-up so early last Thursday to catch up the bus in Regensburg. I have to drive around 35 minutes before I will reach the city. There is a free parking lot where I parked my car for 5 days. I arrived 10 minutes earlier but the bus was already there. Exactly at 6:50 AM, the bus left on our way to our first destination, Vaduz.

Since the bus have to stop sometimes, it took us around 6 hours to reach Vaduz. Besides, there are still passengers that were picked-up in Kelheim and Frotmanning near Munich City. What is important was that we arrived safely to our destinations and we came back home safe too.

The castle miniature and you can find the real castle of Vaduz on top of the hill. The Vaduz Castle is the home of the reigning prince of Liechtenstein and the Liechtenstein princely family. The castle is visible from almost any location in Vaduz, being perched atop a steep hill in the middle of the city.

Vaduz is not really a  large  capital city.  In fact, Schaan is slightly larger but it is in Vaduz where the castle and his museums of the Prince are located. These are some of the reasons why it is visited by tourists and guests. You cannot find a lot of historical buildings in this city, which I expected. Most buildings are modern.

During our 2-hour sightseeing, I  have had seen the Rathaus or City Hall,  the Art Museum ‘KunstMuseum’ (exterior only),  the Church in Vaduz and the Government Building. I also bought some souvenirs from this city including postcards and shotglasses. I find the prices quite expensive.

Vaduz is said to be mentioned in historic 12th-century manuscripts as Farduzes. It is, however, commonly believed to have been founded circa 1322 by the Counts of Werdenberg. In 1322 a mention of the castle is made, which was sacked by the Swiss in 1499 during the Swabian War. The entire town was also destroyed.

After our 2-hour sightseeing, we proceeded to our hotel in Lake Maggiore. From there, we  visited some places in Switzerland and Italy during the duration of that 5-day trip. Those trips we had in Milan, Ascona, Locarno, Stresa,  Lake Orta and St. Gallen were wonderful and memo


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  1. Jan Polatschek Says:

    In May, plan to visit Vaduz on a day trip from Zurich. Are there other sites worth visiting?
    Jan P.

  2. The Guy Says:

    That is quite a journey. 6 hours bus ride for a 2 hour tour. Lichtenstein is rarely reported in the travel world so it is good to see you raise it’s profile.

  3. Marco Z. Says:

    I visited Vaduz last year too…it is really a pretty town! Here you find my experience: I hope you can like it! 🙂

    yes not more than an afternoon is required to visit the city, maybe a couple of hours more if you want to visit the museums too.


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