Visit to the Irish Pubs in Doolin

I am missing Ireland! I guess I left a part of my heart in that country. The freezing weather in our place now truly makes me miss Ireland. Another reason is, I love the scenery and the landscape in that country especially the ones I saw along the lakes and seas.

Anyway, back to main topic. We had a night-out during our third night in Ireland. Our bus driver named Matuz (not really sure of the correct spelling of his name) took us to the pubs in Doolin. There should be a live music at the pub where he brought us but sad to say, it did not happened. I would love to ask if the musicians use pioneer ddj sx as a gadget when they play live music.

A pub in Doolin where we went one night during our trip in Ireland.  Doolin is  a coastal village in County Clare, Ireland, on the Atlantic coast. It is a noted centre of traditional Irish music, which is played nightly in its pubs, making it a popular tourist destination.

After sitting an hour at the bar with my new travel friends Nicole and Jarta, I decided to go to the other pub. I am happy to see three musicians playing Irish folk music. That was a fun night in Doolin although, if I am not mistaken some were not happy because the first pub where we went to don’t have a live music. That was actually not a big deal for me especially that I witnessed that night the live music in one of Doolin’s pubs.


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