Finally Experience the Bernina Pass

It was one of my dreams to experience the train ride with  Bernina Express. I never expected  that I can finally experienced it.  It did happened and I was so glad about it.  That trip was truly amazing seeing the beautiful scenery in this part of Europe.

View from the top of Bernina pass during our recent trip in three countries including Italy, Austria and Switzerland. ©

I have to set my alarm the night before our trip to experience the Bernina Pass. I already woke-up around  at 5:30 Am because breakfast will be ready at 6:15 AM. Our bus will  start at 7:00 in the morning. From our  hotel near Trentino,  it took us  over 4 hours to reach Tirano, where the journey with the Bernina Express  will start.  I tired to look at google map from our hotel to Tirano. The drive for  124 kilometers  should only be around  2 hours and 9 minutes  but I guess our bus driver took another road when going to Tirano. It was quite a long  and tiring trip but it was all worth it.

The bus  driver bought our group ticket when we arrived in Tirano.  We  waited around an hour  for the  train.  I decided to go to the other side of the train station for a bit sightseeing.

The bus driver said  we will go to platform 3 where we are going to ride the train.   He assigned one person to lead us to the platform.  After returning from  around 30 minutes walk at the other side of the train station, the person who was assigned to lead us took us in platform 3. I asked him that the Bernina  Express ride will start in Platform 3A not in 3.  There was this lady who was discussing with me that we have to go to Platform 3 because that was the bus driver told us. I told her that Bernina Express  will start in Platform 3A but she still insisted for 3.

I ended up walking to Platform 3A in which the other travellers also followed my path. I was not mistaken Bernina Express  really starts in Platform 3A.

In short, the journey to the beautiful landscape of the Bernina Pass truly amazed me! That was so far a very memorable and fantastic trip seeing the beautiful scenery in Italy in Switzerland.

A restaurant in Alp Grüm railway station. During construction of the Bernina Railway, Alp Grüm was created as a crossing loop. The current station building, together with its buffet and hotel, was opened in 1926. ©

From the station, thanks mainly to the 180° curve immediately to the south, there are far-reaching views of the Palü Glacier, Lago Palu and the Puschlav. From Alp Grüm the Bernina Railway snakes down around tight curves and spiral tunnels with a gradient of up to 7% into Puschlav, in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.


lake and glacier while passing the Bernina Pass. ©

The Bernina Pass (el. 2328 m.) (Italian: Passo del Bernina) is a high mountain pass in the Bernina Range of the Alps, in the canton of Graubünden (Grisons) in eastern Switzerland. It connects the famous resort town of St. Moritz in the Engadin valley with the Italian-speaking Val Poschiavo, which ends in the Italian town of Tirano in Valtellina. The pass lies a few kilometres east of Piz Bernina. A lower pass is located west of the Bernina Pass, at 2,253 metres.

Here are the places we passed during that trip experience with the Bernina Pass. Our journey started in Tirano and ends in Pontresina. Start looking at the bottom please. Thanks.

Pontresina- ended in this station,  the bus driver  picked us up for a shot sightseeing in St. Moritz, Switzerland.
Bernina Suot
Bernina Diavolezza
Bernina Lagalb
Ospizio Bernina
Alp Grüm
Li Curt
Le Prese
Tirano- start of our journey


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