Mini Cruise in Achensee or Lake Achen, Austria

It was the last day of our trip. That was only a 4-days trip but we visited many places in 3 countries including Italy, Switzerland and Austria. From our hotel in Malosco, Trentino, Italy, our bus driver need around 5 hours to reach Achensee. This is the disadvantage of taking bus trips, there are always stops along the way. One thing that also hindered us was when the Italian police stopped us on the highway. I have been to many bus trips in Europe but that was the first time that our bus was stopped by highway police.

In short, it took us around half an hour more time  after the policed checked everything. Our bus driver ended up paying some fine and penalty. Not really a good thing!

The boat where we boarded for a lake cruise in Achensee. I paid 17.00 Euros for a 2-hour cruise around the lake.  ©

I heard that the bus driver did not used his seat belt. That was an irony because during the first day of our trip, he reminded us to always use the seat belt or else we have to pay for the penalty when the police will catch us.

After around 5 hours driving, we finally arrived in Achensee at around 12:30 in the afternoon. It was quite hot that time but it is better than having a rainy day. We walked around 10 minutes from the  bus parking lot to Pertisau, a  small town  along Achensee. This is where our cruise started. After  allotted 3-hours stay, we left the area at around  3:45 PM and headed back home.

At the deck of the boat  during our Lake cruise in Achensee. ©

I and my friends had some fun while cruising. The perfect weather that day added  compliment during  stay in this area.
The water in the lake is blue green and you can see hills, mountains, trees, waterfalls, houses when cruising the lake.

The Lake Achen is a lake north of Jenbach in Tyrol, Austria. It is the largest lake within the federal state, and has a maximal depth of 133 metres. Together with the Achental valley it parts the Karwendel mountain range in the west from the Brandenberg Alps in the east.

Water quality is near drinking water, with sight up to 10 m below the surface. An alpine lake, water temperature is accordingly low, rarely above 20 °C. Its size and wind conditions make it suitable for windsurfing.


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