Short Escape in Doha Qatar

It was one of my vacations in the Philippines and I boarded Qatar Airways. When I received the ticket confirmation last November 2009, I found that that I  have  a 6-hour  layover  in Doha International  Airport.  I was trying to think  what will I do during that long hours of waiting for my connecting flight to the Philippines.

In Souq Waqif ,an important souq in Doha, in the state of Qatar.  It literally translated to “the standing market,” this shopping destination is renowned for selling traditional garments, spices, handicrafts, and souvenirs. Taken during  my short stop over in  Doha last November 2009.  ©

I remembered that I have a former colleague who is currently working in Doha, Qatar. We worked before in one of the top 3 banks in the Philippines until we parted ways. I   migrated to Europe and she and her family have their new home in  Doha because her husband is working there.

I was asking hubby that time if it is okey for him if I go out from the airport and meet my former bank colleague. Hubby  did not agreed  with  my idea. He was afraid that I might not be able to catch my next flight for my final destination. Since I am  a strong-willed  person and always determined, I decided to go out from the airport and met my friend and former colleague.

I find the  architecture in Doha very interesting. Doha is the capital city of the state of Qatar. ©

I ended up applying for a visa  in order to get out  the airport.  This is one of the advantages  of being a European citizen because there are countries like Qatar where you can immediately apply for a visa at the airport. After around  30 minutes of falling in line and the visa-processing, I finally had the permission to go out from the airport and met my friend.

My friend Jinky was shouting with joy as she saw me  at the arrival gate.  She and her hubby drove me to
Souq Waqif , a famous shopping destination in Doha, where we had a short sightseeing. After that, they brought me to an Asian restaurant. If I am not mistaken, it was a Japanese restaurant where we had our dinner. We had fun chitchatting and telling  stories  of all sorts. The evening was quite short  but it was truly a memorable one!

The decision  to have a short escape in Doha was all worth it. I wish I can stay longer but I need to hurry up back again to the airport for my final destination to my home country Philippines.

To my dear friend and former bank colleague, Jinky  and her hubby, thanks for your time and generosity for showing me your new home  Doha. I hope to visit it again in the future. Until then!


2 Responses to “Short Escape in Doha Qatar”

  1. The Guy Says:

    What a great way to fill time when on a layover for a few hours. Hanging around in airports for hours waiting for flights can be a real bore.

    Great to hear that you had a friend to catch up with.

    Your pictures of Doha remind me of my time in the Middle East. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Janit Says:

    Oh, the advantages of being a EU citizen. 🙂


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