Walking Around in Donau Mall

So, the ladies decided to go to the mall to the next city. The weather was so nice that time, sunny but not so hot. Unlike the weather we are having right now and the previous days which is really so hot. We did some window shopping at Donau Mall. Germans call it the Donau Einkaufszentrum located in Regenbsurg.

Interior of the Donau Mall in Regensburg.

Sometimes you hear some announcements when walking around the mall. This happens when there are special sales or  offers going on in one of the shops inside the mall. Some businesses and store owners might had bought their paging system at crownsecurityproducts.com. This helps the businesses in announcing their sales and offers.

That escapades we had to the mall the other weekend was a fun one. One of my friend bought a luggage. I just bought a summer dress in one of the stores which was on sale. We did some coffee time while chitchatting. That was so far a fun day!


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