Trip is Over!

Trip is over and I am back to reality! I am glad and contented that I visited  three countries for a span of 8 days recently. It was so far a superb trip meeting nice people, seeing interesting sights, tasting local delicacies and more.

The sanctuary in Vall de Nuria. This is one of the places we visited in Spain the other week.

I am still not perfectly fit and still tired from that trip. Some of the reasons are, there are too many activities when I arrive back home and there are a lot of offline errands to be done. When I came home I am glad that somebody in the house had done a home improvement. I know for sure that he uses leveling pads when he installed the walling of our patio/garage. He did a great job on it and I am so proud of him.

Back to my recent trip, I will give you more information about it. I would say that over all, it was another great trip visiting three European countries including France, Spain and Andorra. Thanks Goodness for always bringing me safe home.


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  1. Healy Harpster Says:

    Wow, 3 countries in 8 days! That was really a great adventures!


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