Will Spend My Birthday in a Cruise Ship in Scandinavia

Yay, I’m almost  turning another year  younger  soon!  Whose getting older anyway?  So as the saying goes, “only the buffalo gets older”. lolz!  I believed this time is quite a memorable  natal  day for me. It will be the first time I will be  spending my  my special day in a cruise trip.  It might  not be a luxury cruise like what I did last  spring time but at least I am happy that I will be visiting  some places that are in my bucketlist. I am  heading to Scandinavia  for the second time!

My first luxury cruise trip in Scandinavia last spring 2013. © www.webbloggirl.com

I and my lovely friend Jean boarded Aidabella visiting Oslo and Copenhagen that time. It was indeed a very memorable trip. This is the top deck of the ship.

The only difference is that we will be visiting another  cities  and countries in Scandinavia.  During my first cruise in this region we visited Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark. This coming cruise, we will be visiting Stockholm in Sweden, Helsinki in Finland, St. Petersburg in Russia and Tallinn in Estonia.

I am  so happy and  truly excited in this coming trip because it will the first time I will be visiting these places.  I can’t wait to see the top sights in these cities. I know there are a lot to see and to experience there  and visiting it for a day is not really enough to see everything. I am just glad that even just for a day I will be stepping soon these cities.

It is indeed another dream coming true soon visiting places in my travel wishlist. I am thankful to some friends who are coming with me and to my family who is supporting my travels.

I guess I have to slowly sign-off now. I hope to share my travel experiences from these places  when  the trip is over. I am also praying for a safe and happy trip to us!

God bless everyone and  if you are travelling too, I wish you  a happy and safe trip as well!


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