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A Sunny Winter Day in Aranjuez, Spain

So many beautiful places and countries to visit in this planet earth but sometimes it is difficult to travel if some things are missing. I believed, you know what I mean with this! First and foremost, you need to have the money to travel. If you are working, you can’t also travel anytime and anywhere […]

Went Shopping and Sightseeing in Nuremberg

Summer sale is still going on! This is one of the best time of the year to go shopping. Sometimes, you will be lucky to avail of sales and discounts up to 90%. The other week, we drove to Nuremberg for sightseeing. The parking area where we parked the car has lots of restaurants and […]

Wonderful Days in Budva, Montenegro

It was so far a superb trip I had last spring of this year. I finally decided to book this trip to the Balkan Peninsula, also known as the Southeast Europe. We visited 5 countries that time including Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro for a span of 9 days. Since the single room charge […]

The Dancing Girl Statue in Budva

I decided to go walking that afternoon in Budva. This lovely town is considered to be centre of Montenegro’s tourism. It is also well known for its sandy beaches, diverse nightlife, and examples of Mediterranean architecture. I found this statue in a travel magazine in my hotel room. The statue of the so-called “Dancing Girl […]

Various Entertainment in Spain’s Capital

This is one of the beautiful capital cities I visited in Europe. I fall in love with Madrid since my first visit last December 2011. It has a lot to offer to its guests and visitors. Whether you want to see its numerous sights, go for dining, shopping, nightlife, Madrid has simply everything.

Visiting Karlovy Vary on A Sunny Day

Whoaa! I did it again to this lovely city!  Karlovy Vary  is always an interesting place for me to visit. Even though  it was already my  third visit in this famous spa  city, I  still wanted to come back. Germans call this city “Karlsbad”. In English  Karlovy  Vary is called “Charles Bath”. It is named […]

Lanzarote On a Budget

Lanzarote is one of seven islands that make up the Spanish owned Canary Islands, which are located only 80 kilometres away from the coast of the African mainland. Flight times coming in from Europe are generally short, with four hours generally being the longest. One of the best things about Lanzarote is the fact you […]