A Sunny Winter Day in Aranjuez, Spain

So many beautiful places and countries to visit in this planet earth but sometimes it is difficult to travel if some things are missing. I believed, you know what I mean with this!

First and foremost, you need to have the money to travel. If you are working, you can’t also travel anytime and anywhere especially if you cannot get a vacation leave from your job. You might have the money but you don’t have the time to travel. If you are not working, you probably have the time to travel but you don’t have the finances to travel. It is an irony sometimes. Isn’t it?

The Palace of Aranjuez in Spain. I was there last March 2012. © www.webbloggirl.com

How I wish I am a millionaire! When I want to travel, I can easily book it without any problem with finances. I am glad that inspite being jobless (well not really..) I can still travel to some countries. As of now, I  already visited over 30 countries and still hoping for more. I earn a little money which I use to finance my travel. I also save a lot which help making my dream to travel turn  to reality.

Statues at the dried fountain in the park of Aranjuez. © www.webbloggirl.com

And now, let’s go back to the main topic which is Aranjuez. I and  my friends  from Madrid decided to visit this town.  It was still winter in March 2013 but  the weather during our visit was nice. It was a  bit chilly but the sun was shining.  It was cloudy  but you can see the blue sky saying, “today  is a beautiful day.”

We took the train in going to Aranjuez. It is around 42 km south of Madrid. It took us almost an hour to arrive there. Aranjuez is located at the confluence of the Tagus and Jarama rivers. It is one of the Royal Estates of the Crown of Spain since the times of Philip II of Spain in 1560. There are a lot of things to learn about this interesting town.

My friends, Ate Inday and Peachy decided to go with me to this town. It was only a short visit but we had fun. After around an hour walk in this town, we decided to go to a restaurant to sip some coffee. We had a chitchatting and they interested to ask me more about my travels. They mentioned that I do travel a lot and most of the times, I am alone. I told them that I am already use to it. I have no fear even to walk on a dark street in a city for sightseeing..haha! Just kidding folks! Of course, it depends which place or city I travel or do some sightseeing and I already experience walking alone in the night doing sightseeing.

I can say, it was only a short visit in Aranjuez but it was a memorable one. We did not even had the time to explore the interior of the Royal Palace because we will be late for the next train. Besides, my friends who are working in Madrid still have some things to do. I am contented with that trip but I still wish to go back there to explore the town more  especially the Royal Palace.

Before I end this post, I would like you to know that Aranjuez is the wedding capital of Spain. How about the feeling that maybe because you are royalty for the day! Isn’t it fantastic! There are several shops selling or hiring wedding dresses, formal wear etc. and several specialist event organizers in this town. I will go back there again for my wedding! haha! just kidding folks!

In wish I can share more travel stories to all of you! Cheers!


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