The Dancing Girl Statue in Budva

I decided to go walking that afternoon in Budva. This lovely town is considered to be centre of Montenegro’s tourism. It is also well known for its sandy beaches, diverse nightlife, and examples of Mediterranean architecture.

I found this statue in a travel magazine in my hotel room. The statue of the so-called “Dancing Girl Statue”. I asked some of the tourists in the group where I went traveling that time. They said that the statue is just located at the back of our 4-star hotel Avala, along the beach.

The Dancing Girl Statue and the historic town of Budva, Montenegro in the background. April 2013. ©

You can find it on your way to the Mogren beach. The breeze from the sea was quite cold already because I went there at around 6:00 PM. Some people say that this is a statue of a young girl who drowned here but others say that this is just an ordinary statue. This is a good place to take pictures with a panorama of Old Town in back. You can also have a good view of the sun setting in this area.


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  1. Deli Says:

    I wonder who made this statue. It’s a beautiful piece of art 🙂


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