Went Shopping and Sightseeing in Nuremberg

Summer sale is still going on! This is one of the best time of the year to go shopping. Sometimes, you will be lucky to avail of sales and discounts up to 90%. The other week, we drove to Nuremberg for sightseeing. The parking area where we parked the car has lots of restaurants and shops.

The Laufer Schlagturm, one of the gate towers in Nuremberg, Germany. © www.webbloggirl.com

While walking to the Old Town to start the sightseeing, we passed-by in this shoe store who was offering up to 50% discounts of some of their shoes. I would like to look for custom logo mats but since it is a store for shoes, I was not able to find it there. I and friends ended up buying pairs of shoes that were on sale in this store.

After the shopping escapade, we proceeded to our main purpose in going to the city, sightseeing. It was a fun and memorable day we had. The weather was also perfect which  made that days more  enjoyable!

Wanna bet how many pairs of shoes I got that time? Never mind..haha!


2 Responses to “Went Shopping and Sightseeing in Nuremberg”

  1. Pretty Kat Says:

    parang mga palasyo ang mga buildings dyan sa Europe,Rubz no?

    Hmmm… half a dozen of pairs imo gi shopping nga shoes.. 🙂

    agi ko… 🙂

  2. admin Says:

    sis Pretty Kat..yes, there a lot of interesting and historic buildings in europe..and you are right i got 6 pairs of shoes during that shopping..karun la nay budget..haha..


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