Itinerary for My Tuscany Trip

Yay! somebody is excited! I already started packing my luggage today.  Some nights from now,  my trip to Tuscany region in Italy is about to commence.  I booked this trip some months ago. To be exact last June 23 and that was  four months  ago. It will be a bus trip and I will be traveling again with the group of the most  traveled people in the world. I believed many of you have the idea who these people are.

Florence, Italy. Taken by a friend during their visit in this city. Thanks for this lovely shot!

Included in this trip are the transportation, 6 night 3-star hotel accommodation, breakfast and dinner and the trips and sightseeing to the different  places and cities in Tuscany. Tour guides are also included.

Here is the itinerary according to the travel confirmation I received from this  holiday package.

Day 1. Departure

The bus will pick us up area somewhere in a  city in Bavaria, Germany going  to Marina di Pietrasanta, Italy. This is  where our 3-star hotel is located.  We will be staying there for 6 nights. I  found out that our hotel is located along  the beach, which means I can also find time walking along the beach. This is one thing I miss at home.

I  will be traveling alone again but with a group of tourists from Germany. This will be a long trip but I  love traveling with the bus because you can always find beautiful scenery when driving on any European roads and highways.

Day 2.  Trip to Carrara and Portovenere

In already  watched some travel reports about  Carrara on Television. It is known for its white or blue-grey marble. Carrara is a city and comune in the Province of Massa and Carrara (Tuscany, Italy). I would surely want to experience its famous sights such as its 12th century Cathedral r Duomo, the 16th century Ducal Palace oro Palazzo Cybo Malaspina, Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie alla Lugnola, Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Baroque church and convent of San Francesco and more.

After our sightseeing in Carrara, we will proceed to Porto Venere. It is located on the Ligurian coast of Italy in the province of La Spezia. I remember passing this area when I had a trip to Cinque Terre last spring 2011. I will just surprise myself with the sights to be seen there.

Day 3. Sightseeing in Florence or Firenze

This is one of the reasons why I booked this trip.  I want to see Florence! I have been to Italy many times, in Venice 5 times and other places and cities there but never been to Tuscany.  I hope I can see most of its famous sights in this one day trip to Florence.

Florence being the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, I am very sure that there are a lot of things to do and experience in this city.

Day 4. Trip to Lucca

This historical city is also worth to see. I am glad that it is included in the itinerary of this trip. I would really be very happy if I will see the works and designs made by the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci. Its long history goes back to Etruscan and Ancient Roman times, and the city retains pieces of Ancient architecture. I believed I will never get a boring day in this city.

Day 5. Visit to Pisa

I would not love to only see one of the most famous sights in Italy, the Leaning Tower of Pisa but also other historic sights such as the Duomo di Pisa (Cathedral of Pisa), Campo Santo Monumentale, Battistero, Museo del Opera del Duomo, Piazza dei Cavalieri and many more! I am truly excited!

Day 6. Trip to Siena

This is another city I want to visit in Italy. I had already seen many photos of my friends from this city and I truly found it very interesting. I can’t wait to see its main sights including the Siena Cathedral (Duomo), Piazza del Campo, the Palazzo Pubblico, the house where St. Catherine of Siena was born, the Piccolomini Palace, the Pinacoteca and more. I know there are so many thing sto see in this city and even a day’s visit is not enough. At least, I will have the chance to visit it soon.

Day 7. Back to Germany

My  luggage is surely packed the night before because the 7th day, I will be saying “Arrivederci” or Ciao Italy! After the breakfast, the bus will be heading back to Bavaria, Germany.

The cost  for this 7-dy trip is 399.00  Euros. Since I am alone, I have to pay extra for  single-room charge which is 99.00 Euros. If I have to compute it  if I  travel alone  there, I know this money is not enough. Everything is almost included, so I am already happy when I booked it.

I have a very expensive hobby but I love it.  “Traveling  is simply  like a drug to me and I am already addicted to it!” So help me God to visit many beautiful places on earth!


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