Such a Fine Sunny Day in Pisa, Italy

I set my alarm at 7:00 in the morning that day!  Although  I still  want to  sleep longer that morning I decided  to wake-up earlier because I want to do some adventure in Pietrasanta. Our  sightseeing in Pisa will be in the afternoon so I have the whole morning  available to do or to go wherever I want. I decided to  take a trip to Pietrasanta but I will share about  this in my next post.

The Cathedral of Pisa during my visit last September 30, 2013.

For now, let me share a bit about our half-day trip to Pisa.  Our bus left at the hotel at around 13:45 or 1:45 PM. It was not really a long journey from our 3-star hotel in Marina di Pietrasanta to Pisa.   Normally, it is only around 40 minutes drive there but it took us almost 2 hours because our  bus driver was lost.  Not really lost but he was not able to find the so-called checkpoint where the bus must park. It is  a  big   parking lot where all the  buses and cars  should park and have to pay a huge  amount for parking.

After almost an hour of turning around and around, we finally found the checkpoint. If we did not stopped in a gasoline station to ask, we  will probably see nothing in Pisa.  It was also a perfect timing because nature was calling me to go to the washroom. I can no longer  hold it and so thankful that I succeeded in my “personal business”. This woman sitting beside  was telling me not to go down from the bus but I told her, what do you want me to do, go “pee” here inside the bus? Oh well, she is quite pretentious  pretending to know many things but she was also asking me some  things.  It was not really a big deal for me.  Besides I  always  love to share ideas and  knowledge  of things that I know.

The Torre Pendente or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The structure was originally conceived as the cathedral’s bell tower. Construction began in 1173 and the tower started leaning soon afterwards due to subsidence of the ground underneath its base.

From the checkpoint, where our bus parked, we walked around 20 minutes going to Pisa especially in the Campo dei Miracoli or Field of Miracles. This is  where you can see the famous sights in Pisa including the Torre Pendente or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Duomo di Pisa or the Cathedral of Pisa, the Battistero (Baptistry), Campo Santo Monumentale (Monumental Cemetery), Museo delle Sinopie and the Museo del Opera del Duomo.

Since I don’t have enough time to go inside each sight in this area, I just visited the interior of the Cathedral of Pisa. It is the only one that also don’t requires an entrance fee. The others, you have to pay entrances. If I have enough time, I don’t mine paying the entrances but since our time was limited, I only explored the cathedral.

After taking some photographs in the Field of Miracles, I decided to go to some shops to buy some souvenirs. I am quite happy with what I bought to add to my collections.

Since the time was really short and I have to walk again around 20 minutes back to the parking area, where our bus was waiting for us, I decided to go earlier making it sure that I will not be late.

There are so many things to explore in Pisa. I believed a one day visit is even not enough if you want to see and to experience many things. This is also the reason why I told myself, I will come back again to Pisa…one of these days!

So thankful that the weather was also very friendly that day. Indeed, a fine sunny day in Pisa! How I wish I have more time in exploring this city.

Lastly, I am letting you know that the Piazza dei Miracoli or Field of Miracles is listed in UNESCO World Heritage site. Truly interesting!


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