The Cibeles Palace in Madrid, Spain

I am currently exchanging messages with a friend from Madrid while writing this post. She is asking me when I will go back to Spain’s capital city. Well, when finances permits, I would like it soon! At the moment, it is not really my priority because I was there twice already. I had very challenging and exciting memories in that  city. More on that, I met good friends and thanks to facebook, we still see each other inspite of the distance.

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The Cibeles Palace in Madrid, Spain by night.

Back to then main topic about this lovely building in  Madrid. The one you see in this photo is the Cibeles Palace or  Palacio de Cibeles as called in Spanish language.  This is its name since 2011.  It is formerly the Palace of Communication  (Spanish: Palacio de Comunicaciones).  This palace and the Cibeles fountain located in Plaza de Cibeles have been the symbols of Madrid for sometime.

I always passed  this impressive building especially during my second visit in Madrid last winter 2012.   This might be one of the reasons why I want to go back to this city, to go inside this building. I was asking myself, why I did not took the chance to explore its interior. I also don’t have any idea if tourists are allowed to go inside.  I will for sure know about  it,  sooner or later.

The  first time I saw Cibeles Palace during my first visit in December 2011, I thought it is a cathedral. I was wrong  because now, it  serves as the City Hall of Madrid, known as  Ayuntamiento de Madrid in Spanish. Thanks to our tour guide during my first visit. He mentioned that it was built by  Antonio Palacios in 1909.  This impressive building was home to the Postal and Telegraphic Museum until 2007.

The Plaza de Cibeles is one of my favorite sights in Spain’s capital.  The fountain in this square’s looks more  attractive especially during the night, when it is lighted.  How brave I was  walking alone  sometimes during the night   in a huge city  like Madrid! No wonder I keep on traveling alone. I am thankful for the courage and the determination  I possessed to explore this beautiful planet.

Don’t miss this building when you are in Madrid!


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