Went Shopping in Florence

Yes, I did went shopping in Florence! How I wish I have more time to  go shopping there because there are some things I was looking for. Florence  is not only a great historic city to  visit in Italy but it is also a great place for shopping.  Sad to say, my time was limited and I was not able to buy  tapestry for my sisters and a good  friend.

The famous shopping streets in Florence where you can find luxury stores like Bvlgari.

What did I bought in Florence? As usual, I always buy souvenirs I collect when I travel like postcards, fridge magnets, keychains and travel guide book. I also find the watch I was looking for but it was not included in my budget. Pity me!

One of the interesting place to shop in Florence is in Ponte Vecchio. According to our tour guide, it was formerly occupied by butchers. Now this bridge is occupied by jewellers, art dealers and souvenir sellers.

I might not be able to do some luxury shopping in Florence but I am happy with all the travel souvenirs I bought in this city. Besides,  shopping for luxury items was not included in my budget.


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