Fun at the Beer Tent in Munich’s Oktoberfest

I know it is Halloween season now but let me remember the fun I had when I visited the largest festival in this planet. Yes, it is in Munich’s Oktoberfest where I really had so much fun! Can you imagine witnessing this very awesome celebration? For those who experienced it, I know for sure you had so much fun there.

One of the beer tents in Munich’s Oktoberfest

I had the chance to visit some beer tents in Oktoberfest. I was lucky because during one of my visits  there, it was weekdays and sometimes  they will let you in inside the beer tent especially when it is not yet full.

There are entertainments inside each tent like live bands. You will hear usually Bavarian folk music. I don’t  think the  guitarist of the one of live bands there  plays  best ibanez bass guitar for beginner because I know for sure they are professional performer and they really perform good.

By looking alone at  the people who are having fun singing, dancing, laughing, drinking  and chatting, you will  truly enjoy the atmosphere inside, unless you are this so-called killjoy. I guess you know what I mean with this, or else you won’t be going to festivals like Oktoberfest. As for me, I always love going  to celebrations like this.

I am glad that I already visited the largest  fair for many times and I  always love it there, although I am not really  a beer drinker.


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