Lovely Summer in Tallinn, Estonia

It was wonderful summer trip I had in Tallinn. I can’t believed that I can visit Estonia’s  capital but I was finally there. Another travel wish and dream came true when I visited this city.  I thought,  I can only see it on travel catalogues, in Television or in internet  but I finally experienced  it.

I was reminded again of that summer trip  in this city  when I watched a  travel reportage about  Tallinn last Sunday. It was really very interesting program.

Estonia.Tallinn.DSC03020.© RB Photography
The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It is an orthodox cathedral in Tallinn’s Old Town and was built and designed by Mikhail Preobrazhensky in a typical Russian Revival style between 1894 and 1900.

It was cruise holiday in the Baltics I had last summer. I have been planning to visit this city some years ago and I am glad, I finally stepped on its ground.

Tallinn is a historic city and it is included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Thanks to our tour guide for  the many information she shared to us. Although I did not listen to her a lot,  because I was busy taking pictures, I still  heard  many  things from what she told to the whole group.

Estonia.Tallinn.DSC_9115.© RB Photography
The Kadriorg Palace, called in Estonian as Kadrioru loss. is a Petrine Baroque palace built for Catherine I of Russia by Peter the Great in Tallinn, Estonia.

As we started the bus ride, she was already talking a lot of things  over Tallinn. Our first stop that  time was the Kadriorg Palace.  It is an imperial Russian summer residence built by Italian architect Niccolo Michetti for Tsar Peter the Great in 1718. It is situated in a 90 ha (222 acre) park in the eastern part of the city.

After our sightseeing in Kadriorg Palace, we rode again to our bus going to the Toompea or the Upper Town. This is where you can find the main attractions of the city including the walls and various bastions of Castrum Danorum, the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the old Estonian Royal Palace now the Parliament building.

From the Toompea, we started the walking tour until the All-linn or Lower Town. This area is one of the best preserved old towns in Europe.

Our tour ended in Raekoja Plats or the Town Hall Square, where our tour guide left us to use the time for our own. It is a is a town square beside Tallinn Town Hall. I and my friends sat down in one of the cafe bars and had some ice cream. One of my friends said that their ice cream tasted so good. You can find several bars and restaurants in this square.

After the ice cream time, I still decided to walk around again and did some photographs of the old and historic buildings.

It was not really a long day in Tallinn and I believed a day-visit in such a lovely city like Estonia’s capital is just not enough to experience everything.

I am quite sad when we walked back to the bus to pick us up back to our ship. Before we proceeded to our ship, we also had a short stop at the Song Festival Grounds. If I am not mistaken, our tour guide called it as “Singer”. This is a huge modern structure where the All Estonian Song Festival is held every five years featuring 4,000 singers and dancers in addition to a massive audience. I also watched this in the TV reportage last Sunday. I hope I can also witness this event in the future.

I was saddened when our bus was heading to our ship. It means that our trip in Tallinn is ending so soon. Even though I already visited a lot of cities worldwide, I can say, Tallinn has something, it has its own beauty and I believed people of Estonia are proud of having a great capital like Tallinn.

I am thankful for the chance and opportunity to visit many cities and countries during that cruise trips in the Baltics  including Helsinki, Stockholm, St. Petersburg and Tallinn. I am hoping to come back there again in the future! Wish me luck! or I will do my best!

Cheers and take care everyone! Happy trip!


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