Searching for Cheap Airfare to the Philippines

I have been searching for cheap plane tickets since October this  year. I tried it in and other  travel online portals  but it seems that it is quite expensive now compared to the ones I booked the last time I spent a vacation in the Philippines.

Up on the air during my flight from Phoenix, Arizona to San Francisco, California last summer 2012.

I also sent an email to the travel agency who booked for  my last plane ticket to the Philippines but it seems that they have a problem understanding my email. This  is actually not my first mail to them and sometimes I am quite not happy with the responses.

This is how I emailed them last December  3, 2013.

“Hallo Christian,

How are you doing? I already booked some flights to the Philippines to your company.
I would like to ask for a return flight ticket to Cebu, Philippines with the following details:
Departure date: Munich or Frankfurt: April 13, 2014
Return Date: May 30, 2013

If you can find the cheapest ticket for me, that would be great. Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards”

They actually responded to my mail the same day but their flight offer is not the one I am looking for.  Per email,  I mentioned that  I want a return ticket either  either from Munich  or Frankfurt to Cebu and not  in Manila. I appreciate it that they sent me the offer which I copied and pasted from their PDF file. This is their offer below stated in German and the flight schedule,

1st OFFER:
Angebots-Nr 19196
PosBezeichnung MengeEinzelpreis Betrag 895€
1 Ethnic Tarif Erwachsener Qatar Airways
S,L / 365 Tage / 30 Kg / Rail & Fly inklusive / Erste Umbuchungsgebühr
inkl. jede weitere 100,-€ / 385,-€ Stornogebühren p.P
2 QR 058 S 14APR 1 MUCDOH HK1 15.55 22.35
3 QR 926 S 15APR 2 DOHMNL HK1 02.00 16.35
4 QR 927 L 28MAY 3 MNLDOH HK1 18.10 23.05
5 QR 059 L 29MAY 4 DOHMUC HK1 02.10 07.20

Angebots-Nr 19196
PosBezeichnung MengeEinzelpreis Betrag 959,00 €
2 Ethnic Tarif Erwachsener Etihad Airways
365 Tage / 30 Kg / 100 % Stornogebühr
2 EY 006 U 15APR 2 MUCAUH HK1 12.10 20.10
3 EY 424 U 16APR 3 AUHMNL HK1 02.20 15.20
4 EY 421 M 29MAY 4 MNLAUH HK1 01.15 06.00
5 EY 003 M 29MAY 4 AUHMUC HK1 08.55 13.20

Touristik Tarif Erwachsener Emirates for 1.082,00 €
K / 365 Tage / 30 Kg / Rail & Fly inklusive
385,-€ Stornogebühren p.P
2 EK 050 K 14APR 1 MUCDXB HK1 15.45 23.40
3 EK 332 K 15APR 2 DXBMNL HK1 03.45 15.55
4 EK 337 K 30MAY 5 MNLDXB HK1 08.35 13.20
5 EK 051 K 30MAY 5 DXBMUC HK1 16.30 20.55

I turned down  all these offers because I  said, I want the airport destination in Cebu and not in Manila. This was my reply to their mail,

Dear Vollmer Team,
Thanks for this info but I need an airline that goes direct to Cebu or Mactan International Airport and back to Germany, either  Munich or Frankfurt.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards”

On December 6, 2013, they sent me again another offer below,

Angebots-Nr 19212
PosBezeichnung MengeEinzelpreis Betrag 1.202,00 €
1 Visit friends & relatives Tarif Erwachsener Singapore Airlines Q 365
Tage / 20 Kg / 100 % Stornogebühren
2 SQ 327 H 13APR 7 MUCSIN HK1 13.25 07.10+1
3 MI 588 H 14APR 1 SINCEB HK1 09.05 14.35
4 MI 543 H 30MAY 5 CEBSIN HK1 18.45 22.15
5 SQ 328 H 30MAY 5 SINMUC HK1 23.10 05.35+1

This offer  for Singapore airlines is very expensive for me, so I replied again  to them  if they have a  cheaper offer or  what is their cheapest flight to Cebu, Philippines. Besides the luggage allowance is only 20 kg for Singapore airlines. I declined this flight offer again.

This was  again my reply to their email dated Dec. 6,

“Hallo Christian,
Thanks a lot for this Angebot. Is there any other airlines that offer cheaper plane tickets? This is quite expensive and their baggage allowance is only 20 kilos.

If you can recommend other cheaper airlines with better and higher luggage allowance would be better.
How about Cathay or Asiana?
Thanks a lot and kind regards”

From this email, I received this reply from them,

“i am sorry, Singapore Airlines is the only Airlines thats fly´s from munich to cebu. If you dont like singapore airlines there is no other oway to travel to cebu except you depart from frankfurt. is that an option for you ?

Kind regards
Christian Vollmer
P.S We can book 30 Kg at Singapore Airlines =)”

This was a very chaotic situation for me. It is just very simple asking for plane ticket if they  read carefully my wishes. Besides, I already know from other travel agencies  how much is the estimated  plane ticket to Cebu from  Frankurt.  If possible,  I just want to  be a loyal customer to them and book  my plane ticket to their company but with this situation, I am already having a second thought.

I  sent them another mail  with this content below,

“Dear Christian,
Thanks a lot for the info. I believed I mentioned in my first email that I can fly either in Munic´h or Frankfurt. So, it is not a problem if I fly in Frankfurt.

Thanks once again.
Hope from hear from you soon and sorry for the late reply as I was away for a short trip and just came back now.
Best regards,”

I will see if they will reply me again. Anyway,  thanks for all those  flight offers but nothing fits to what I want.  This is actually their site,

It is  a very  long time now since I did not take a vacation to the  Philippines.  I would say, it is almost four years now since my last visit there.  I decided to travel more in Europe than in Asia.  I am thankful that  my siblings will be paying for my plane ticket. So this time,  I am  very positive I can visit family, relatives and friends again in my home country.

Good  luck to me if I can find the cheapest one.   And yes, thanks to my sponsors for this trip! lolz!


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