Visit to the Wonderful Christmas Market in Bratislava, Slovakia

This is another European city   I wish to visit and I finally got the  chance to experience Bratislava. It is the capital city of Slovakia, formerly known  as Slovak. Germans call it Pressburg or Preßburg. And yes, I was with this group of German tourists who had a bus trip to Slovakia’s capital.

The months of  November and December is the season of  Christmas markets in Europe and I believed in many places and cities worldwide.  Despite the cold   temperature, many tourists visit Europe just to experience this festivity.


The Christmas market  is held at the Main Square in Bratislava  in front of the Old City  Hall.

The Christmas market in Bratislava is unique on its own. Since 1993, Christmas market is held in the city center  especially on its Main Square. The weather was very cold during our visit last December 7,2013 but there are still a lot of people roaming around the Christmas market sites. Its Christmas Market was opened since 22 November until  23 December.

Slovakia, Bratislava.DSC_3445.©RB Fotos
An ice skating ring at at the Christmas market in Bratislava at the Hviezdoslav Square,
in front of the The old Slovak National Theatre building. You can also find a  tall Christmas tree in this area.

I did not only experience some of the famous sights in Bratislava but I did also experience this  wonderful event, the Christmas market.

That time,  I visited first the market in Hviezdoslav Square. I got lucky to witness musicians, folk dancers and other talented artists who performed on stage in this square.

I did noticed that there are a lot of families with parents and children and individuals probably meeting up their friends that evening for a gathering and had fun. Christmas time is family time indeed!

After visiting Hviezdoslav Square, I just walked to where many people walk because I don’t really have a map of the city. It was Saturday and I believed the tourist office was already closed at 5:00 PM. After some minutes of walking, I finally reached the Main Square. My travel instinct finally leaded me to the right place.

Slovakia.Bratislava.DSC_3378.©RB Fotos
A wooden booth in Hviezdoslav Square selling food and drinks. The building at the background is the Radisson Blu hotel.
The squares fill up with wooden booths with vendors offering traditional Slovak Christmas decorations and gifts and a variety of traditional food and drinks. Many stands offer the traditional Slovak winter specialties. Sad to say,  I was not able  try their specialty called as the “gypsy-liver”. Sausages with mustard, chicken or pork meat in a bread, traditional bread with salt and onion and many other specialties can be tasted at the Christmas market in Bratislava.

I did not take the chance to drink a hot wine or any punch since I am alone that time. I never how much alcohol are there in their wines or punch and I never trust myself drinking it when I travel alone.

It was only a short 3-hour visit in this city. I am saddened because I have to go back to the bus since time was almost over during that trip in Bratislava. The bus driver said that the hotel is around 25 minutes drive from the city center.

Despite that short visit in Slovakia’s capital, I am still glad that my wish to visit it did came true! I am planning to visit it again in the future..probably in summer.


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