Can’t Wait to Experience Again the Fasching Festival in Dietfurt

It is carnival season again in Germany. Germans call it Fasching, Fastnacht or Fasnet. Other German-speaking countries have also other names for carnival. In Germany, fasching or carnival season begins each year on 11 November at 11:11 a.m. Also called as Fifth Season, it finishes on Ash Wednesday of the following year with the main festivities happening around Rosenmontag.

DE.fasching.DSC03341.©RB Images

Group of musicians playing trumpets in Dietfurt’s carnival parade.

I already experienced a lot of carnivals in the region of Bavaria. One of it is in Dietfurt, a town in the district of Neumarkt in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated on the river Altmühl, 38 km west of Regensburg. I have been to this town many times especially during carnival  season.

I love watching its carnival because it is unique on its own. Their carnival known as the “Bavarian China” or the “Bayerisch China”,  is visited by many guests and even tourists from China and other countries.

The highlight of the event is the carnival parade. During the parade, you can see group participants with their colorful carnival costumes, floats, drum and bugle corps playing various music. You can see in the image here a group that is playing music during the parade. They mostly use trumpets. For someone who is using a guitar, he/she might use a great travelite mandolin case for protecting and transporting it.

DE.fasching.DSC03355.©RB Images
Visiting any carnival in Germany would surely five you fun and enjoyment. I always enjoy going to these events especially during carnival season. I am trying my best to witness again the famous Chinese carnival in Dietfurt, Bavaria.


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