So Grateful for a Great Travel Year 2013!

Happy  New Year 2014! We are finally in a new phase of our lives! It is not easy for me to say goodbye  to 2013 because it was indeed a great travel year for me. There were so many memorable and  good things that  occurred last year.   I have to face it now, 2014 is here and I have to be  optimistic  that this will again be as great or even greater as 2013! I am hoping and praying for it.

The Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest, Hungary during my third visit in this city last 2013.
Why 2013 was an awesome year? It is very simple. According to my travel calendar, I had travelled  to 23 countries  last year. I can still remember  visiting  5 countries within a span of 9 days last spring 2013. Isn’t  it   fantastic?  For a very ordinary  person  like me,  I cannot believed  to  myself visiting 23 countries in a year.  It is such a great achievement for a person who just live a very simple life , but with  many great  dreams and wishes.

Estonia.Tallinn.DSC03020.© RB Photography
The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral built in 1894–1900. This was taken during our cruise trip in the Baltic States last summer 2013
I admit, I am a dreamer and I will keep on  dreaming as long as I am alive.  I keep on dreaming to visit many places to see the beauty  of this world.  I could still remember back in high school and college days when I always love history and geography subjects.  No wonder, it is always calling me to  dream visiting fascinating and interesting places and countries.  I am glad that dream is slowly coming to reality…little by little.

I should be  a historian but the  studies brought by being an accountant taught me how to  handle money  wisely, or else, I won’t be able to visit 23 countries in a year. I just smile when many of my friends  and acquaintances  are thinking that I am rich because I keep on traveling all year round last year.  How I wish I am but I am just living a very ordinary life. I just  know how to handle financial matters being a former banker and accountant. I also have my priorities.

Norway.Oslo.CIMG4624.©RB Fotos
The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. Taken last April 2013.
I am very grateful for 2013. It was not a perfect  year especially with my blogging life. There  were ups and downs. There were trials and problems. There were so many challenges.  These are parts of our imperfect lives and it is up to us to face and solve  it. I am so thankful that I was able to  conquer  most of it.

I am thankful for the many great things that happened  last year, for the many blessings to me and my family, for the good health, for the gift of family and friends and most of all for the breath of life.  Without it, I can never experience seeing the many  wondrous beauty of these planet.  I am also grateful for the chances and opportunities to travel to many countries last year.

Croatia.Zagreb.CIMG1903.© RB Photography
Zagreb, Croatia during my Balkan trip last April 2013.
I just hope that each and everyone will learn how to take care of Mother   Nature. Let us think of our great great grandchildren in the future. I hope and  pray that they will still see and experience  the beauty of this earth. That is, if we will  start to take care of it right now, starting   in our own home..little by little.

More travel stories and snapshots in  my future post. I wish to share the many places and  cities of the 23 countries I visited last year.

For 2014, these are my wishes; good health to all my family and friends,  a prosperous year 2014, peace to all mankind, contentment and true happiness, and  more places and countries to visit…wink!

Cheers for 2014 and God bless us all..God bless planet Earth!


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  1. Healy Harpster Says:

    Sis, you’re a certified traveler! 🙂 Lucky you in many ways!:) I’m mad at you kay wala ko nimo giuban. LOL!


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