Busy Planning for the Itinerary of the Coming Holiday to Asia

Planning for  a holiday is not an easy task.  This is true especially  if you want to visit a lot of places in one vacation.   There are a lot of things to consider from  finding cheap flights, affordable accommodations, land transportation, transfers,  finding a good restaurants that offer  local cuisines, things to do  and the sights to see and experience in a place you  want  to visit. This is the reason why planning a vacation ahead of time is very indispensable. You will not only save time and money but you can also avoid stress when doing it.

Finding  Cheap Flights

I was already browsing online  since October  2013 trying to find cheap flights to the Philippines.  I also contacted some  local travel agencies  offering flights there. It took me over three months before booking it. I also consider the allowed luggage for check-in and hand carry. There are airlines who only allows 23 kilos to the Philippines. It depends on the airline you will be booking.  I am glad that I am allowed up to 40 kilos for my check-in luggage. This is really perfect. The train going to the airport is also included but I guess, due to my luggage and the duration of the travel, I won’t be taking the train instead.  I prefer going to the airport with personal car. I am glad that I already booked my plane ticket to the Philippines. 

Searching for Affordable Accommodation

Since we will be going to the different islands in the Philippines, we need to find the hotels  that best fit to our needs and budget. I will be travelling with  siblings there. It was quite difficult for us to agree with the hotel we will be staying especially in Boracay, a very nice place famous for its  fine white  sand  beaches. One sister wanted to book a luxury  hotel which was really very expensive for me.  Another sister only wanted a cheap hotel, in which I also agree with her.  Choosing  the right accommodation  is sometimes quite difficult to find and decide. Oh well, if you can afford to stay in a luxury hotel why not. But what I  mean is, if you  only need to stay there to sleep, a cheap but good one is fine for me.  I agree in staying in a luxury hotel  if I will be only staying there 24 hours a day but since  we will be out the whole day, I only find it a waste of money paying an expensive one.


Interior of Waterfront Hotel in Cebu, Philippines.
I was discussing with my other sister who really want to book  an expensive hotel in Boracay.  Oh well, its her decision and  she is the one  paying for it, so let it be.  But what I was trying tell them is to be practical and be frugal.  Earning money  is not that easy. I have been to many countries and also stayed in  various luxury hotels but I see to it  that the holiday package  I booked  was really very cheap.

Things to Do  and Experience in a Place

Most of the times, I already research all the things to do and experience when visiting a certain place. I  made it sure that I have a list of  what to see there. This is what I always do especially if I visit the place  for the  first time.

For sure, we will be  visiting a lot of places.  Our flight to Palawan, Boracay and Cebu were already booked. I believed the accommodation  were  done booking  as well.  My sisters will only be spending 3 weeks. Since I will be staying for 6 weeks, I also decided to go to Singapore, Malaysia, Davao and other places near this area of Mindanao.

I am quite excited to go home once again. It’s been over 4 years now since my last visit in the Philippines. I can’t wait to see my family, friends and relatives once again.

God bless our  travels.


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