Remember the Fun at the Volksfest in Neumarkt Oberpfalz

It’s been four years now since I last visited this German festival called as Volkfest in Neumarkt Oberpflaz. This word is literally known as “People’s Fair or Festival”. This is one thing I really love in Germany. The world’s most famous Oktoberbest in Munich is also a form of a Volksfest. It can be a beer festival or a wine festival in certain town or region in Germany.


Volksfest, literally known "People's Fair", a festival in Germany.

Volksfest, literally known “People’s Fair”, a festival in Germany.

One of the Volkfest I visited was in Neumarkt Oberpfalz (translated as Upper Palatinate). It is held every summer in August and usually last for a week. Some of the attractions may include amusement rides, games of chance and skill, and food and merchandise vendors.

You can also experience live bands especially in the Festzelt or festival tent, also calledn as beer tents. If you want to listen to live music going to the Volksfest is a good thing to do. You might be able to see a musician who might be playing a schoenhut piano during Volksfest like this.


The Ferris Wheel is a common ride at the Volksfest.

The Ferris Wheel is a common ride at the Volksfest.

Another thing I love when going to festivals like these are the foods you can try. Most of the times, local delicacies are offered. I guess, it is time to visit again the Volksfest in Neumarkt, Upper Palatinate.

Anyway, the photos I have here were taken last 2007.


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