Summer Visit in Stockholm, Sweden

I finally visited the capital city of Sweden. I might not be able to experience everything in this city but I am hoping that I will be  backed there again in the future to see the most of it. Stockholm was one of the cities we visited during that Baltic cruise holiday last summer 2013. It was a dream came true to me after visiting many  places  in my bucketlist last year.  Visiting 23 countries and many places in Europe  made 2013  the most travelled year I had. It was indeed a history!

Sweden.Stockholm.DSC_6018.©Ruby Benz Fotos

Skeppsbron, known as “The Ship’s Bridge” is both a street and a quay in Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm. It is stretching from the bridge Strömbron in front of the Royal Palace southward to Slussen.  

I was just sad because  what was mentioned in our travel itinerary did not really came into existence.  I  complained about  it to  our travel escorts who were with us through  out the cruise. I guess,  since our time was limited during our visits in Stockholm,  was also the reason why we were not able to see and experience most of its sights.

As we arrived in Stockholm during the second day of our travel, the weather was not really friendly.  The sky was dark and it was raining so hard.  We had  a local tour guide and he only showed us the main sights while we were sitting inside the bus, touring around. He only let us stepped-out one time of the bus somewhere in the city.  I have to research again  the exact   name of that place. From there, we had a great view of the skyline  of the  Old Town of Stockholm.

Sweden.Stockholm.IMG_7981.©Ruby Benz Fotos

Gröna Lund seen from the water

I thought that day, we will be experiencing the Kungsholmen, a walk in Gamla Stan and seeing the sights here including the the Royal Palace and the Swedish Parliament, etcetera,  but we really did not go nearer to these sights.

Time was so limited that day. After that short sightseeing, we need to proceed to the port of Stockholm because Princess Anastacia, our ship was already waiting for us.

During the third day, we visited Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia and on the fourth day we visited St. Petersburg. The cruise did not ended yet because we also had a sightseeing in Helsinki, Finland on the fifth day.

On the 6th day, Princess Anastacia was heading back again to Stockholm. After arriving at the port, we have to put down our luggages back to the bus which will bring us to Trelleborg. From there we  will have an overnight again with another ship back to Travemuende in Rostock, Germany.

Before we drove back to Trelleborg, we also experienced a mini-cruise in Stockholm. We boarded again a boat which toured us around the islands and coasts of the city. The weather was perfect that time because it was sunny but still a bit chilly. For me, it was a perfect weather…not so cold and not so warm!

During that mini-cruise, we experienced a lot of sights. Since I stood up at the top deck of the boat, I had a great view of the sights around. Glad that I brought with me the tele-zoom lense of my DSLR Canon camera, or else  I won’t be shooting nice shots. I also have my Nikon 1 J1 to shoot near sights.

On top of the boat, I did had good views of the Old Town, the Skeppsbron, Strandvägen, Kornhamnstorg, Nationalmuseum, Norstedt Building, Gröna Lund and other landmarks in Stockholm.

I thought it was just a dream visiting this city but finally that  dream came into reality.  I  was indeed in Stockholm. One of these days, I will be visiting a family in Stockholm. I guarantee, this time, I will be seeing and experiencing more sights in Sweden’s capital.

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