Passing-By in Llorts, Andorra

That was a lovely day we had. After visiting some places in the nearby places of Catalonia in Spain, our program during that day was a drive around Andorra. I felt so lucky as one of the places in my bucketlist finally came into relialy. I was in Andorra!

Houses and architecture in Llorts, Andorra. The building in the right side is the church.

One of the places we passed-by during that lovely summer last year was Llorts. It is a marvelous valley full of life and colour. This lovely village in Andorra is located in the the parish of Ordino.

From the middle of the village, there is access ot eh valley of Angonella. Here, you can find spectacular mountain landscapes, full of pools. It is also very interesting to visit the well-knonw Iron Route which runs between Llorts and La Cortinada. Here you can experience the mine and the contemporary sculptures standing in the open air. On the edge of the village is a 19th-century iron mine, La Mina de Llorts, which is open as a tourist attraction.

I was fascinated with the stone houses and buildings in Llorts.  Seeing such structures makes me wonder the talent, ability  and intelligence of human minds thru these architectures.

It was indeed a lovely day during a tour we had in the villages of Andorra. We also had a very  friendly and accommodating tour guide!

I will try to share little by little  some of the lovely villages in Andorra. See you later folks! Cheers!


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