An Awesome Fabulous Holiday in Asia especially in the Philippines is Over Now

How have you been folks?  Wow, it is century now since my last update here. I am glad, I am finally backed giving you an  update today. The sweet days of my escapes to Asia is finally over! I am still having nightmares  until now. Sometime in the middle of the night or during dawn time, I just woke-up and  the first thing  that always comes to my mind  was that awesome fabulous  6-week holiday I had recently  in Asia especially in my home Cebu, Philippines.  The worst times  was during the first two weeks since I returned in Europe. Those were truly terrible nights of not having enough sleep and the feeling that you wake-up in the morning tired and exhausted.  I know it was jetlag or maybe that  thinking in my subconscious  that I was still in Asia. I am thankful, it is getting very better now.


I finally saw my future retirement home after over 4 years of not visiting it. Living in this place will surely make me feel like being on vacation everyday. There are still a lot of things to be done, but I am glad,  from time to time, I am continuing this project.

It has been  a long time since my previous vacation there. After over four years of not vacationing in  my home country Philippines,  it did finally  happened again. I am thankful  to my dearest siblings from the United States of America for making it happened.

I know, I am at fault why I did not visited Philippines in over four years. It was a tough choice but I  decided to explore Europe during those  years  instead of going  home in the Philippines. Besides, during my last vacation   from end of  November 2009 to middle of February 2010, I  was calculating that those  3 months of staying there,  will surely pay  for not going home in some years.

During the last quarter of 2013, my 2 nurse sisters from Las Vegas were telling me that they will pay for my plane ticket  and other expenses like food, accommodation and more when we will be in the Philippines. I felt like winning the lottery when I heard that news. When I got the confirmation from my sisters  last January of this year,  that I can already book my ticket, I immediately find a  travel agency here in Germany  to book it.

So does the story goes, I booked my plane ticket and from to time, we were also looking for cheap flights and accommodation because we planned to do some trips in the different islands of the Philippines.  Imagine a country with rough 7,107 islands? I have live there half of my life and  I only visited the biggest archipelago Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. There are still so many  beautiful and interesting  islands in this country and I believed even a year  is not enough to visit everything. This is especially true if you are considering  time and finances. Without these two important factors, you can never travel.

I have so many  travel stories to tell and I apologize  that since I came back from  that 6-week holiday, my lust for blogging disappeared. I am still having the spirit of wanderlust until now but blogging does not interest me anymore after that vacation. I felt sad about it because I have thousands of  travel stories to tell and share. I know some of the reasons and I hope I can also share it in  my blogs.

For now, let me just share to you the itinerary of  my holiday in Asia. More on that, I would love t thank  all my family, friends, former  classmates, schoolmates and co-bankers, my former neighbors, relatives, some online blogger friends,  for lending me your precious time in meeting me and especially those people who helped in making that holiday a superb and unforgettable one. I truly appreciate everything and  I am forever thankful  to all of you.

April 16, 2014- Flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Cebu, Philippines
April 17 – arrival in the Philippines
April 18-20- spend Holy week with family in Cebu

6 Days Trip to Palawan:

April 21, 2014- flight to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. After arrival, might do some sightseeing in Puerto Princesa or do island hopping depending on the time and weather. I did not expected to see a friend from Berlin, Germany who traveled with his colleagues. I was surprised when someone called my name at the airport. Indeed, it is a  small world after all. After saying hi and hello and  a bit chattting, we finally bid goodbye because the van of our friend  was already waiting  outside the airport that time. I and my two sisters were already getting excited with this adventure in Palawan.
April 22, 2014- Head to El Nido in the morning which is around 6-7 hours ride from Puerto Princesa with the bus or van.

Pinas.ElNido.twit 01.2015.DSC_9659
The beautiful scenery at El Nido, Palawan during sunset.

April 23, 2014- El Nido island hopping

It was a whole day island hopping in  El Nido and visited a lot of islands  there. El Nido is indeed a paradise and wish to go back there again someday.

April 24, 2014- back to Puerto Princesa


The Subterranean River in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

April 25, 2014- Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. The most famous landmark of Puerto Princesa, this subterranean river is the longest navigable underground river in the world. It features a limestone  mountain landscape and many stalactites and stalagmites formations.
April 26, 2014- flight back to Cebu

April 27, 2014- rest day in our hotel in Cebu and did some malling and tasting Filipino foods. We stayed in Mandarin Hotel Cebu that time.


The Mandarin Resort and Spa in Boracay, where we stayed for 3 nights. Thanks to my sister  Raq   for this luxurious accommodation. I even argued with her when she booked this expensive hotel but it was all worth it. Besides, the fun and memories we had there are priceless. 

April 28-May 1, 2014 – Trip to Boracay

Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards from numerous travel publications and agencies. It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches not only in the Philippines but all over the world. I had a great time with my  siblings  during our stay in Boracay. We did some adventures from island hopping, snorkeling, ATV and so much more. I will have a separate post for this. So please bear with me.


The beautiful fine white-sand beach in Boracay, Philippines.

May 1- flight back to Cebu in the morning. Stayed in Mandarin 2 nights. Did some malling in Ayala, which is some minutes walk from the hotel.

May 2-4- Cebu City- family bonding, dining out, malling.
May 5-7- After one of my sisters’ flight back to USA on May 5, we headed to South Cebu and stayed in our home sweet home somewhere there. This will be my retirement home in the future.

May 7- back to Cebu City to meet my other sister who spent some days trip in Mindanao. Overnight in Elizabeth Hotel in Cebu City.
May 8- Departure of my other sister back to the USA.
May 9-12- backed to our home in Cebu South to relax and unwind and did some sightseeing in some towns of the area.

Singapore.DSC_1258 . webbloggirl
The Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore. Developed by Las Vegas Sands (LVS), it is the world’s most expensive building, at US$ 5.7 billion, including the cost of the prime land.

May 13-18, 2014- trip to Singapore and a day trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia on May 14.
May 19, 2014- Backed to Cebu City from Singapore
May 20-25, 2014- spent some days in Davao and nearby places in the area. I had the chance to meet former classmates and batchmates and a blogger friend. Together with my friends, we also  had a day trip in Paradise Island in Davao.
May 26- backed to Cebu City
May 27- still in the city to do some important things.
May 28- 31- backed to home sweet home in South Cebu and went back to Cebu City at the afternoon of May 31. Did a whale-shark watching in Oslob on May 30. It was a great experience watching these giant creatures.

June 1- flight backed to Frankfurt, Germany
June 2- arrived in my final destination.

So far, this is the itinerary of my recent travels to Southeast Asia. The places, experiences and memories I had from that holiday are still haunting me until now. I hope, I can get over with all of it.

I have been to over 30 countries worldwide and I must say, the best and greatest vacation is always the one I  spent in my home country, Philippines.

I thank God and all those people who gave me the opportunity to travel in many places and countries. Most of all, I am grateful to God for always bringing me whole and safe back to my second home in Germany.

Lastly and honestly,    wanderlust is  whispering again to  my ears the past days.  My feet are itching again…terribly!  I need to travel again! I need to go out!  The only  cure to this sickness is  go somewhere  and I will surely  do it  anytime this week.

More detailed travel updates from my recent travels to be shared in my next posts. Thanks for visiting me here! Take care and all the best to one and all! Cheers!

Addendum: it took me too long to finish this post.  I hope I will have more inspiration to share my travel  experiences. It is  00:30 now and I am really very sleepy after having sleepless nights  for some days now. I still to come back here to check some errors here..I apologize for that. Goodnight folks!


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    Welcome back to blogging. Nice trip and that retirment home sure looks nice.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Phil. It was indeed a great one and I am already missing it. This retirement home is still an ongoing project..Hopefully, at the time I decide to live there for good, this is already done…off for my afternoon walk now..tschuss!


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