Hotel Hopping in Cebu

It is summer in Europe and other parts of the globe who are having the same season as well. This is the best time of the year to spend a vacation. No wearing of heavy winter clothes, no boots and other winter accessories that you need. Summer is indeed a great season!

The lobby and reception of Hotel Elizabeth Cebu. One of the hotels we stayed in Cebu City. I had fun here with my siblings and so as in the other hotels we stayed in Cebu.

Sad to say, my summer vacation in the Philippine is over now. How I truly miss home and I wish that I am home at the moment.  My father is sick and at the hospital right.  I feel bad because I cannot even comfort or hug him, or even stay at his side. I hope one day, we will be united again, forever.

Back to that vacation in the Philippines. It was indeed a hotel hopping especially in Cebu City. We stayed in four hotels there because we don’t have a place to stay. Our home is around 4 hours drive and everytime we are in the city, we need to find a place to stay. The hotels we stayed were quite good. The rooms including the beds, bedding and furniture are so far good. I am thinking if they ordered it at Foam Factory cushions. Among the hotels we stayed in Cebu City were Mandarin Plaza Hotel, Quest Hotel And Conference Center Cebu, Cebu Parklane International Hotel and Hotel Elizabeth Cebu.

I guess, the next time I go home for vacation, we will already have a place to stay. We will be building another home in the lot I bought near Cebu City. I am quite excited about it.

Have a nice day  to all!


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