Miss The Window Shopping in Cebu

It is almost two months now  since I returned to my second home from a holiday in Asia. I cannot deny it, I am badly missing home now.  My family, friends, the escapades, the foods, the travels, window shopping, the fun….being home is always the best.  I guess, I haven’t get over yet  from that vacation and I am always l reminiscing  it from now and then.  I have to slowly accept the fact  that my recent  vacation  is  over now..so help me Lord of travels!

Interior of Ayala Mall in Cebu City, Philippines.

One of the things I miss is the  window shopping that we always do especially in Ayala Mall and SM.  Ayala Mall is  only some minutes from the hotels we stayed. We did some overnights  in Mandarin Hotel, Park Lane, Elizabeth and Quest Hotels. It was like having hotel hopping during that  recent holiday.

Together with my family, we always go there to roam around, do some window shopping dining or simply to have fun especially in Ayala Mall.  Every  month of May, we celebrate Mothers’s Day.  Sad to say,  I forgot to give my Mom a special  present. I gave her something but  it was not really what she wanted. She loves jewelry and I should give her one. I want one in which I will be the one to design for  it.  If you want to design your own mothers rings, you can  go to a jewelry store where you can customize it or simply  browse online for  any design that you wanted for your mother’s ring. This is quite interesting and I will surely do it next time.

Everytime we go window shopping in Cebu, I always love to  go to the National Bookstore. I love books  and I wish I have  more time to read it.

Have a lovely week  ahead. Take care folks!


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