Missing that Recent Trip in Poland

Webbloggirl.IMG_4592Times flies so fast! I just remember that I am already working for a month now. It should be over a month if I really started on the exact date  when I supposed to start. Since I was away for a week trip to Poland, my employer changed the date to the 18th of August. It was actually my birthday trip.  

I did not expected that Poland also has a lot of things to offer to its guests and visitors. In fact, the people especially the workers we met in our hotel, at the restaurants and in public places were helpful and friendly. It was a contrast during my second visit to the country, when I and my friends had really a bad experience in a supermarket store  in Boleslawiec. Oh well, as the saying goes “Charge to experience”.

The hotel I stayed in  Opole was a good one. The foods they served were  also delicious especially the buffet breakfast. Their restaurant was quite big enough to host  around a over a hundred of guests. The tables were also nicely decorated. I did not noticed that time if the table cloth is liquid repellent.  I was always busy with eating. lolz! I always have a permanent place for sitting, a place I like since I am the first one to get the first batch of serving during dinner time. Dinner was not buffet  but you will really get full after the meal.

Over all, I would say, it was a nice and memorable birthday holiday  I had in Poland last month. I can’t wait again to book my next trip. Crossing my fingers to get a vacation leave this year. Cheers and happy weekend to all!

Anyway,  I took a photo of  the restaurant of the hotel where I stayed during that trip.


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