Souvenir Shopping in Madrid

Having visited over 20 capital cities in Europe, I can say that Madrid is one of the most beautiful cities in the continent. My first visit there was in 2011. I did not experienced  a lot during that day-visit in winter of December,  so I promise myself to go back again. Indeed after three months, I set-foot on Madrid’s ground again. It was actually a long story why  my come back  to Madrid happened in just a span of  month’s  time. That 3 weeks stay was full of memorable experiences and adventures. I also met a lot of new and old friends.

A Souvenir Kiosk near the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain.

One of the things I did when I visited Spain’s capital was shopping for souvenirs. I always love collecting any forms  of souvenirs from currency to postcards, fridge magnets, keychains, shirts, shotglasses, travel guides and more.   I also did some shopping especially in one of  its famous department stores, the El Corte Inglés.  Its stores tend to be very large in size and offer a wide range of products from  music, movies, portable and household electronics, furniture, hardware, books, clothes, groceries, gourmet food, cars and real estate.

The one located in the center of Madrid  is also very huge. I did some shopping and bought some clothing and a winter jacket.  The items that I bought was on sale, since winter was almost over that time. One thing  I forget to find was this product called floid. A friend was asking me if  I can buy him any of their  grooming products.  Floid’s products are known to be original, elegant and authentic and it is Made in Spain.  Sorry my friend, I really forgot to look for it in Madrid. Hopefully in my next visit.

If you are visiting Spain’s capital don’t miss your shopping  escapades in the city.


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