An All-Inclusive Resort to Stay in Fiji

Planning for vacation is very important. It will not only save you time and money but you will also avoid stress when it’s planned ahead of time. This is the perfect time of the year to start searching for the best holiday destination, and there are a lot of choices in out there, but finding the one that will fit both our taste and budget is a little more difficult.


The world is waiting, so I’m currently looking for a great holiday destination for 2015. Then I remembered my German traveling companion. We met last year in Morocco and had a blast traveling through the country, but the whole time she wouldn’t stop talking about how great Fiji was so I emailed her last week. She told me to plan for Fiji for sure and she’s already excited to travel with me again this year. I’m excited too, so now onto the planning.


Fiji is already on my bucket list so I am excited to visit. I’m inspired to visit this Melanesian country in the South Pacific Ocean after seeing some pictures from my German traveling buddy. I know this little island-country in Melanesia has a lot to offer to its guests and visitors.

Last night while searching for accommodations, I found an all inclusive resort in Fiji. There are actually a lot of resorts to choose from but I found Tadrai Island Resort to be my choice. Each of us has our own wants and needs but here’s the reasons why I chose Tadrai Island Resort;

  •  Tadrai is a secluded area and here you can surely find the perfect place to refocus and reenergize.
  • It offers luxurious accommodations to its guests. Why not treat ourselves for some luxuries especially if we are working so hard, right?
  • It is very accessible. It’s a ten minute helicopter ride from Nadi International Airport.
  • There is wifi in rooms and public areas…sounds perfect for a digital nomad like me.
  • Water sports and activities are also offered such as game fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, island hopping and more.
  • All include accommodation from food to drinks and you can order any special menu that you wanted.

More so you can personalize or customize your itinerary. Isn’t it great to get to pick and choose what you want on your package? I need to finalize my vacation for this year before the end of the month comes and I can’t wait to visit Fiji.

How about you? What will be your perfect destination for this year?


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