Shopping for Souvenirs in Zagreb, Croatia

I just smile when I remember reading about a post of one of the members of a Nomads  Group in facebook.  She posted that when she travels, she never buy souvenirs and she don’t want to stay relaxing in a beach. I commented that that everytime I travel, I always brought home with me some souvenirs. Among the few ones are postcards, fridge magnets, travel book guides, keychains and sometimes shirts with the name of the place I visited. I might agree to her that I also don’t want to just take a vacation relaxing in a beach because everytime I go home, I am always at the beach. My retirement home is just along the sea.

A busy pedestrian in the city of Zagreb.

Anyway, let me go back to the main topic. It is about shopping for souvenirs in Zagreb, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Croatia. I had the chance to visit this city last 2013. Speaking of this year, this is so far the most-traveled year I a had in my whole life, visiting 23 countries and many towns and cities especially in Europe.

These beautiful souvenirs from Croatia’s capital city.

I brought home with me many souvenirs when I went to Zagreb. I would love to shop for some jewelry in this city but the  time was so limited. After the tour we had, we were  only given an  hour to explore it on our own. Thanks to this site,, I can shop for jewelry at the comfort of my home. There are a lot to choose from their selections.

Aside from the souvenirs I mentioned above, I also took  lots  of photos. Taking pictures of the places I visited is always a must for me when I travel. Besides, these  are one of the things you can take home for free. It was only a day trip I had in Zagreb but I am happy to be there once in my life. We need to go in   the afternoon to our next destination heading to Dubrovnik, another beautiful city in Croatia.

It was so far a great trip in Croatia last spring 2013.


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