Cruising in Greece..The Beauty of Santorini!

Hey folks! I am back in the travelsphere and  tonight before I go to sleep, I will share to you about my recent cruise in Greece especially that visit in Santorini. I just remembered that I already drafted the photos for this article two weeks ago. See how really busy I am  nowadays? I am not only busy with my work but also with offline and online tasks. When I say  offline task, I would mean doing home chores and running errands. When I say online tasks, I mean updating or writing articles in my blogs, joining or sharing articles in social media platforms and other online activities a blogger can do.

View across collapsed caldera

Let me go back to Santorini. I was very excited the day before because  our  destination the next day during that cruise is  Santorini. This beautiful island in Greece is always in my bucketlist and I always believed that one day I can visit it.  I feel jealous everytime some friends in facebook are posting photos from their travels in Santorini. Finally that dream and wish to visit this island came true. I was there and I was truly overwhelmed because one destination from my bucketlist was already checked.

Cycladic architecture in the town of Oia or Ia in Santorini, Greece.

Santorini also known as Thira is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands.  Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on a formerly single island, and created the current geological caldera. It is famous for for its  dramatic  views and stunning sunsets particularly the town of Oia, beautiful white and red beaches and its strange white eggplant.

There are many interesting towns and villages  to visit in Santorini. Our  ship docked in  Fira,  the main town of  the island.  From there, we decided to take the bus to visit another famous town named Oia, also known as Ia.  I was glad that  I already researched in advance  on what particular towns to explore during that one day’s  visit in Santorini.

From our  ship, we need to ride a small boat to reach the caldera or port of Fira. From there, you can decide  whether to ride a donkey,  take the cable car or walk in going up to the main town of Fira.  In order to save time, we decided to take the cable car which took around 5  minutes in going up. The ride costs 5.00 Euros for one way. From there, I was asking some stores where the bus station is  going to Oia.  After walking for around 20 minutes, we finally reached the bus station. We were lost in going there, the reason why  it took us quite longer.  Still, we are thankful because we  found  it.

I was amazed by the beauty of Oia.   I found the  architecture and the structures of the buildings and houses  very interesting.  The stunning views around the area are breathtaking! Wow! I can’t believed I was finally there. It made me breathless! But hey, I am still alive and thankful to be  backed home safely, happy and contented. Oia is considered to be the most charming cliff-perched place on the island.  Indeed, it is a beauty! I left Oia with a happy heart and spirit!

Since we still have almost three hours left  before returning to the ship, we decided to go around a bit in Fira.  This is the  main stunning cliff-perched town, featuring all that Oia has, but much more overcrowded.  This is where the big cruise ships are docking and  many tourists decided to stay there during their visit.  There are so many things to do in Fira but since time is limited, we just decided to walk around. I also bought some souvenirs  from there.

Time is short and we must go back to the ship. We decided to walk going down to the port where the small boat is waiting for us.  At around 6:30 PM, our ship  is ready to go cruising for our next destination.

I   can say, Santorini  is a must-to -see in Greece.  I fall in love with this island! I know,  a day’s  visit in the island is not enough to experience everything but then, I was so happy  and grateful that I was there.  Who  knows, one of these years, I can visit it again like  the retired German couple  (visited it 20 years ago)  and  that American old lady (visited it 40 years ago) whom I met  during that cruise.

It is never to late to dream and to wish visiting a certain place or country.  With this travel bug who has bitten me up and spread its  viruses all over my system, I will continue to keep on dreaming and wishing, one at a time, my travel bucketlist will be slowly  be emptied.

Cheers and happy travels especially to those who love this expensive but worth-spending hobby which is traveling! take care folks and until then! God bless!


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