Travel videos can be recorded and edited easily with Movavi dear friends. Your own lovely blogger has come with yet another informative article about screen recording software but this time exclusively only for windows users as the main focus would be screen capture for Windows. Holidays are always a fun and it’s even more fun to keep the track and record of the entire journey. As far as I am concerned I am an extrovert kind of person but sometimes in order to explore myself I travel to an unexplored territory and do some crazy things. Actually sometimes it’s good to be crazy. After all one cannot be sensible at all times. Last month I went on one such journey to Alaska. This was the first time I was such close to nature and it was life  changing software.

During my travelling experience I had my Sony handycam ready and I made the most of it. I recorded fishermen fishing in the traditional style. I recorded my journey to the destination; my car journey, walking across the hilly slopes and many more things. The glaciers of Alaska and the snow clad mountains are breath taking and only sitting there provides great piece of mind.   I recorded each and every activity on my camera and I returned within 4 days. But on returning home I found that the videos which I have recorded were quite hazy and unclear. Also many of the videos were very noisy and blurred.   As I told you earlier that this experience was great and I wanted the entire thing to be in the records. I became very worried, just then my friend Alex gave me software named Movavi Screen capture studio and told me that the software would help to come over this issue.

I started with the software and didn’t face much trouble in downloading the same. I have a windows PC and the software was installed very quciky. Then the next step was to record the video clips with the help of this software. After the videos were copied, i jumped right away to the editing option as I was very much worried. I was astonished to see the tools available for editing any video.   There were numerous options like one can add different themes to a video, one can make the most hazy and blurry picture perfect. In addition to this I added several voice options and all the noise was gone. ‘

Now the last step was converting files in format like AVI, MPV, MP4 and other options. One can choose as per his or her convenience and enjoy. I am grateful to Alex and even more grateful to Movavi Screen capture studio. The good news is that even I have bought one for me and would recommend each and every traveler t have this software in their PCs.


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