The Next Adventure in Europe is Coming Soon

Whoaaa! The first BER month called SeptemBER is almost ending. Two more sleeps and we will be entering the  10th month of 2015.  This means that  the next  adventures are about to come.  In over a week from now, I will be hitting the road again and  I am getting very excited now!

I always know that I will be visiting Budva, Montenegro again.

The other week, I received the travel confirmation  and from that time on, I can’t wait for the next  travels to commence.  I really miss those years when I just travel anytime and anywhere I want. Being a full time blogger before and a digital nomad, I can work anytime I want as long as there is an internet connection and I have my laptop and  other travel gadgets with me. Gone are those days since I started working full time. Honestly, I miss those years especially in 2013 when I visited 22 countries in a  span of a year. Wow, that was an awesome year exploring different places and countries and seeing the beauty of HIS creations.

My first visit in Dubrovnik last spring 2013 was so short that I don’t have the chance to walk around its walls. This time, I would surely want to do it.

There are a lot of places to visit in my bucketlist.  At the beginning of the year 2015, I already started to plan  for my travels.  It is not easy planning it because I don’t have the freedom to choose my  travels anytime  and anywhere I want due to this  full time job I have now.  This is the disadvantage  if you have an employer. You need to apply for a vacation leave and have it approved before you can book your flights and accommodations.

I am thankful that  my vacation leave was approved last June. After knowing it, I immediate booked this trip.  I am going back again to some of the Balkan countries I visited before like Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina. I already visited some of the places in this European region last 2013 but since Serbia and Macedonia  are included in the  itinerary this time, I decided to book it. Besides, I  always love visiting places again and again especially if I miss some sights to see in the area.

These will be the places that we will be visiting.

Below are actually the itinerary of this trip;

Day 1.  Flight from Germany to  Tirana (Albania).

Day 2.  Durre¨s (Albania)-Kruje¨-Shkode¨r-Bar (Montenegro)-Budva.

Day 3.  Budva-Cetinje-Njeguši-Kotor-Perast-Budva.

Day 4. Budva-Dubrovnik (Croatia)-Neum (Bosnia-Herzegovina).

Day 5.  Neum-Mostar-Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina).

Day 6.  Sarajevo-Tuzla-Belgrad (Serbia).

Day 7.  Belgrade -Skopje (Macedonia).

Day 8.  Skopje-Ohrid.

Day 9.  Ohrid-Tirana.

Day 10. Flight back to Germany from  Tirana.

This trip can be very tiring since almost everyday, I will be on the road, which I also love.  The good thing is, I will be seeing and experiencing more places. I am not really into  beach holiday here in Europe since I prefer to do it when I go for vacation in my home country.

This time  I will be traveling with a friend whom I met during my travel last year in Morocco.  I believed,  this will be a wonderful and memorable trip again. Lord of Travels, I pray for our  safety during this journey and please bring us back home whole and  safe.

Since September is almost ending, I also wish everyone a blissful and awesome month of October. Cheers and until then!


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