Can’t Wait to Visit Christmas Markets in Europe and Hear Christmas Songs

First of all, I would like to extend my prayers and heartfelt condolence to the families and friends of the victims of Paris attack one week ago and also to other victims of terrors from around the world. It is really sad and sometimes I ask myself, “Is there still a safe and peaceful place to live in this world”? No matter what, I will still keep on traveling and exploring our beautiful planet. More on that, let us always pray for  love, peace and unity  for our planet.

The Christmas market in Erfurt, the capital city of Thuringia  and the main city nearest to the geographical centre of modern Germany. I once visited it and still hoping to come back again.

The season of Christmas Markets in Europe is finally here. During the month of November Christmas markets are slowly opening its door to guests  and  visitors from all over the world. Despite the security warning in Europe, I will still visit this event somewhere. 

One thing I love when visiting Christmas markets  is to listen to the choir who perform live on stage,  singing Christmas carols and songs. This is one thing I miss from my home country, the caroling season during this time  of the year. Musicians playing musical instruments like guitars might use m1100 for these musical gadgets.

There are so many things to experience when visiting Christmas  Markets.  You can find attractions like the Belen or Nativity scene, traditional Christmas cookies such as Lebkuchen and Magenbrot (both forms of soft gingerbread), try Glühwein or hot mulled wine and more. Shopping for Christmas decorations can also be very exciting when visiting a Christmas market.

This is the time of the year to be thankful and happy. It is also the time to spend it with family and love ones. I wish, I am home to  celebrate  Christmas. Let me wish you in advance a safe and memorable holiday season.


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