Time To Hear The Beat of the Drums at the Fasching or Carnival in Germany

Have you been to Germany? Did you have the chance to witness one of  its famous celebrations called Fasching?  If not, it is  time for you to  witness this so-called Fasching or carnival  in the country!  We all know that it is not only celebrated in this country but also  in other German-speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland and other parts of the globe especially in Rio  de Janeiro. This is really a  very interesting celebration particularly watching the  parade held during the event.

A Faschingszug or carnival parade I witnessed many times in Hemau, Bavaria.

In fact  one of my favorite parts during the parade is watching the live performers and entertainers who are playing  musical instruments. I love listening to the beat of the drums during the parade.   I am thinking if of any of these musicians is currently looking for music instrument store online . What do you think? It is also a lot of fun watching the various themes and  colorful costumes and floats of the various groups and participants  during the so-called Faschingszug.

I might not be able to witness the biggest carnivals in Germany like the  ones  in Cologne, Mainz or Dusseldorf  but I hope one day, I can watch it. For now, I am happy and contented with the many  carnivals going on around in our area in Bayern or Bavaria.

Enjoy the fun but be safe guys!


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