Saving Some Bucks in Planning for 2016 Travels

Hello February! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!I How are you doing folks !I hope the second month of the year is starting great to all of you out there.  I can’t complain so far especially that  I can’t  wait to hit the road and travel again this year. I am getting excited as days pass-by. This only means that my travels is getting so close.


I am happy that I partially planned for my annual travels for this year. Inspite having a full time job for almost 2 years now, I see to it that my passion for travelling is always on top of the list. This travel bug hit me so bad that I must travel, or else the virus of this  bug  will spread in my system and will become worse and make me sick.

I am a frugal traveller. It is my aim to get the lowest package trips, affordable airfares, cheap but nice accommodations and other means of getting cheap travels.

Booking of Cheap Airfares

I always see to it that I booked the cheapest airfares wherever I fly for my next destination. Booking it earlier saved me some bucks. Thanks to our computers and internet, we can always search for the possible lowest plane tickets.

Going With Group Tours

I have been to many group tours especially in Europe. Most of the time, it is the cheapest and the most convenient way to explore a place or a country. It is also less-hassle and less-stress since you don’t need to plan for the itinerary. A travel company already provides for everything including hotels to stay, food, transportation, flights and tour guides. Since you are going with the group, it is also cheaper. In fact, I got around 30% discount when I booked one of my tours to Southeast Europe this year.

The Importance of Planning Your Trip Ahead

Planning your travels ahead of time can surely help you save time and money. I already experienced this a lot of times and indeed, I always save some bucks when doing it. More on that, you will not also  panic because you don’t need to worry  about your trip when everything is planned earlier.  You will  also avoid stress and hassles when everything is planned  accordingly.

So far, I am doing good when talking about planning for my travels.  I can’t wait to explore the world one at a time! …in God’s will!

Safe travels to everyone!


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