Window Shopping for Travel Gadgets

Hello beautiful people in this planet! How’s life  going on? I hope everything is turning great out there. It seems awhile since my last update here. No wonder, I am so busy again especially in planning my travels for this year. I wish, I have more time to update even just to post snapshots and photographs from my travels. Let’s see how I find time  in  doing this.

Last month, I went three times to an electronic store to window shop for new travel gadgets. There are a lot to choose from. Honestly until now, I haven’t decide yet what to buy. I already have some in my list and this quite cost some fortune if I buy those gadgets. I would love to own a Digital recording device pics which is perfect when I travel anywhere.  I wish, I am a nomadic musician who is earning money on the street while traveling and I would surely buy this gadget immediately. Sad to say, I am not!

As  gift for myself this  valentines day, I  might go back again to that electronic shop and buy the travel gadgets that I want. What  present you expect this hearts day? Enjoy the celebration but be safe!


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